About Amazee....

AmaZee started out as the front woman of a very successful Spanish electronic rock band called 'Loiselane'. Performing all across Spain, on National Radio, National TV and even recording a track for a Spanish Donut Ad 'Donnettes'.  Compared as the Spanish 'Garbage' at the time playing with electronic beats fuzed within the live elements of a rock band.

In 2004 she decided to move to London, her heart no longer in Rock music, AmaZee arrived and started performing acoustic sets in bars, and pubs whilst also enjoying the London Underground Dance Scene. AMaZee started to get a feel for the London Dance Scene reminding her of her raving days back on the islands....

In 2007, after listening to the productions and sounds in the clubs and dancing to the beats, she decided it was time for her to make a difference, she decided she was going to perform with the DJ's to enhance the energy at the parties, so she started free-styling.

Not far after that, she released her first track "You Are My House". The first single from Oscar P's upcoming 2008 album features remixes from Angel Manuel, Pete Moss, Jordan Rivera, T&A, Sirkhan, Ospina & Oscar P, Javi Lopez , Adriano Dodici, Arnaud D & Frederic Grand, DJ PremiumOne, Sean Henderson. The single was released in two parts. One batch of remixes for the house heads, and the other for the minimal-electro house set DJs. DJs from the likes of Roger Sanchez were spinning the track.

She the released her second 'Mi Amor' produced by Arnaud Daleo by New York Label 'Funk la Productions' following her third release 'Creatures of Energy' produced by Oscar P.

She is currently working on her new album coming out and online dance events to assist with the ascension of the planet.