4 Days to go before we dance towards our dreams!

Really excited about this coming Thursday.  A place for us to feel save, to let go, feeling free connecting with brotherhood and a space for us to leave behind what no longer belongs to us.  Creating community for us to feel stronger and empowered, allowing our creativity to reach it's fullest potential so we can move towards our dreams and objectives this 2018 which is an amazing powerful year for all of us.  A year for us to come together as a community, collaborate and share with one another.  Creating the world we so wish for.  Making that a reality.  

24th of November 2018 'Awakening Creativity' -  Brighton 

Whilst trying to keep up with every day life, our responsibilities, our children, our projects, we tend to forget about finding the time and place to simply be and connect with oneself, this month we will be working on our creativity and creating space to connect to that inner magic allowing it to flow freely through us so we can overcome any blockages and feel happier.  We are born creative beings therefore feeling happy is essential for creativity to flow.  See you on the dance floor for some crazy love and fun! 
Get your tickets now on https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/amazee-vital-experience-awakening-creativity-tickets-51683023314