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I don't watch the news cause I like to know what's REALLY happening! I will not allow fear to enter and will carry on believing that we are coming to golden times.  We simply need to understand and we MUST WANT to investigate for ourselves what we are being told by others.  As humans its our nature to be curious, to have questions.  I no longer want to have to agree with people or simply say nothing because I can't be arsed to go into a discussion.  I don't have time to argue about the things that are no longer conspiracies but are actual facts, information that we can easily look up ourselves if we were to realise that we are being emotionally controlled by the mainstream media with fear and dis connectivity, making us believe that the bombing was simply unquestionable whilst running their evil agenda as smoothly as possible right in front of our eyes and yet, we are incapable of seeing this. The thing is, most people have been lied to for such a long time, that the ego simply cannot take it.  I understood that once ego was out my way I simply couldn't get enough of the truth and at first I felt lost and frightened, yet it made me stronger, it made me not want to try so much fixing the outside but to start looking inside and working on myself.  Once we look within ourselves and go to the heart and breathe and become the child again, then we can start seeing and being open to other possibilities. Possibilities of seeing the light again and having dreams and then acting towards them without the feeling of 'it's no use' 'whats the point' 'it won't be worth it' 'it won't be good enough'.  

My aim is to move forwards with high vibrations of love and joy, hearing simply the sounds that will make my day 'a beautiful day' without the interference of negative vibrations coming from every direction.  This is hard to do today within the system we live in.  We need silence, creativity, space and air to breath to come back to our senses and be seriously aligned with our SELVES and our BODIES.  The power lies within.  Once we go within then we heal our pain and the pain around us and this works like ripples in a lake, until we heal our cities, our oceans and finally our planet!  

Therefore if you really want to know what's happening remember to trust your gut feeling, your intuition and then simply find your answer.  Stop thinking about your identity, the ego, your name, who they know you as and simply become one of us, let's unite, let's come together as humans have been doing, are doing and will keep on doing.  The world is in a beautiful place right now, children meditating all over the world, people dancing all over the world, amazing creativity showing all over the place and still we are tested every day! Working for the system, our families, paying taxes, accepting regulations and laws coming from us from all over the place because we  hardly have time to breathe to busy working or locked on a screen!

We are SUPER strong and we DON'T KNOW IT!  Let's not allow the ‘tunnel vision’ or mainstream or social media to convince us that it's OK to KILL!!   Let's come together outside the virtual reality that is being designed for us and let’s consciously touch REALITY, touch base, come to the heart, wake up and reunite.

The power of the people will create love and light and that is the only way to get rid of the darkness.  To use your creativity for the best of human kind.  To give our little bit to humanity.  Now is the time to shine.  It's up to us to stop this corruption.  Not with anger or rage but with LOVE, COMPASSION, INSPIRATION, CONNECTION, COMMUNITY, COMING TOGETHER AS ONE.  

Understanding that all of us are in this together.  We must help each other.  Share information that can help each other now that it is possible to share.  They are getting tighter in every area of our lives.   I am a business lady and have been super inspired and am surrounded by 50 other Entrepreneur who run their small businesses and every single company is pushing to do GOOD in the WORLD!, wanting to better our education, nutrition, health, life wellbeing and new technologies to help society!

So inspiring to know that not ALL people are interested in only the MONEY! I guess we are learning that abundance only comes when you do things from the heart.  I learnt the hard way but I am grateful for the learnings and I know that every minute of the day the universe is providing. I am thankful and always ask for what I want.  Beautiful times.  Come join me @ this event if you would like to hear flow of real information and facts regarding the current world situation.  

Love and Light. AmaZee

24th of November 2018 'Awakening Creativity' -  Brighton 

Whilst trying to keep up with every day life, our responsibilities, our children, our projects, we tend to forget about finding the time and place to simply be and connect with oneself, this month we will be working on our creativity and creating space to connect to that inner magic allowing it to flow freely through us so we can overcome any blockages and feel happier.  We are born creative beings therefore feeling happy is essential for creativity to flow.  See you on the dance floor for some crazy love and fun! 
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